Denison jail gets a make over before warrant round ups

By: Jalah Gray Email
By: Jalah Gray Email

DENISON, TX - The Denison Police Department is warning citizens to take care of any outstanding warrants now.They say their jail is under construction and as Jalah Gray reports, once it's done, officers will be rounding up violators.

"Speeding tickets, no insurance tickets, anything that is filed in city court."

The Denison Police Department is renovating their jail.
Lieutenant Mike Eppler says since it was built in the early 1970's, it's in major need of a face lift.

"Several things need to be done, again the plumbing there's problems with the plumbing, problems with the lighting, just different things that need to be taken care of to make it a safe facility." Eppler said.

"We're excited for them and of course we're excited for ourselves because that will open up some space." said Sheriff Keith Gary.

Sheriff, Keith Gary, says Denison's jail renovations will benefit the Grayson County jail as well.

"Even if there's a class C and they felt they needed to be locked up, then they would have to come to us, so we would have to make room for them, normally we do not handle class C's for the smaller cities." said Gary.

Sheriff Gary says it's a domino affect because, they're already sending overflow prisoners to Bowie County which costs tax payers more money.

"Right now we have on any given day we'll have 20 to 25 people in Bowie county, which is Texarkana, we have them over there because we don't have rom for them right now." Gary said.

The police department expects the work to be done in the next few weeks, so they're warning, if you have any outstanding warrants, you might want to get those taken care of, or you might get to see the renovations, first hand.

"When we get the facility back open again, we will be aggressively serving these warrants, what we've been doing is bringing people in on what we call class misdemeanors and PR bonding them out pretty quickly because of the renovations that need to be done." said Eppler

Eppler says the renovations will be paid out of the city's contingency fund, and should cost less than the budgeted $40,000.

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