Ada women working to increase interest in mixed martial arts

ADA, OK-- Around her three little ones, Sarah Maloy is as sweet as they come, but get her inside the ring, and she's all business.

"Females by nature are extremely technical, we bring an intellectual side to fighting," she says.

The pro MMA fighter, and her husband, own the BodyTech gym in Ada and have watched it grow year after year.

"We used my garage for a little bit, with just a 10 by 10 wrestling mat. One bag, and we thought, man, we've got to find a place to train. So we opened up the gym just for us, and for the guys who trained with us, just to have a place. It's three and a half years later, we've done three expansions, we've now got 6,500 square feet, tons and tons of members."

Maloy got into fighting, as a way to stay in shape and challenge herself, but it wasn't easy working her way up to pro status.

"In the beginning, it was really hard to find fights, you pretty much couldn't have an amateur career, because there wasn't enough amateur fights. I had one before I went pro. Normally you have 5, 8, 10 amateur fights before you go pro, thats where you get your experience. But there wasn't opportunities back then. You know, there may be one female fight, on every 20th card."

Now, she's using what she's learned to help train even younger Jussely Canada.

"I don't like to lose ever, I'm too competitive. If i get in here, I'm going to win," Canada, says.

16-year-old, Jussely, is relatively new to the sport, but according to her coach, the skies the limit.

"She's a freaking workhorse. She'll do whatever you want her to do, she'll train however hard you want her to train, she spars and grapples with pro fighters, and she'll get hit as many times as it takes to get hit, until she learns to block or defend it. So, she can go as far as she wants with that," Maloy, says.

The pair are both looking to grow the sport, and add more fights to their record. They're preparing for a trip to California to do some additional training, with top ten ranked fighter- Liz Carmouche.

Canada says, while she loves training with someone she trusts...

"It's awesome to train with a pro-fighter, and be able to call her your friend, too. Not just... she's my trainer,"

She doesn't let that stand in the way of her competitive edge.

"We start out about 50 and it ends up like 110% because one of us will hit harder than the other and you're like, I'm going to hit harder than you."

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