Abuse of Adderall on the rise

By: Alexandra Carter
By: Alexandra Carter

SHERMAN, TX -- The ADHD drug Adderall has been sweeping college campuses in recent years.

Students pop the pills sometimes even snort them to stay up all night studying and partying but miss using the drug can have some scary and dangerous side effects.

These days, it's not just energy drinks and coffee that college students are using to burn the midnight oil.

Licensed professional counselor Rhonda Schroeder says abuse of the drug adderall is a on the rise and it's a dangerous trend.

Schroeder said, "With people who do not have a diagnosis of ADHD and who are abusing it. They get high off it."

Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine are combined to make Adderall, Vyvanse and other generic forms of the drug.

They're all used to treat ADHD, but adderall is the most active, most addictive and most commonly abused.

Schroder said," I don't see anyone being able to take it once in a while because it is very addictive."

The amphetamine stimulates the nervous system and increases focus making it very appealing to students cramming for exams.

College students we spoke with admit that adderall abuse is common around campus. Some of them even calling it a miracle drug saying it allows them to stay up and study and then stay up and party."

Schroder says what they're not considering are the side effects.

Not only can adderall lead to loss of appetite, dry mouth, rapid heart rate, dizziness, and vomiting but in high doses it can cause hallucinations even heart attacks.

It seems the risks aren't stopping some students from abusing the drug.

A student we spoke with said, "really around finals time. That's when it all comes down to crunch time. A lot of people start taking adderalls then."

Rose Rothmeier is Director of Psychological Services at Austin College and has spoken to students about the dangers of Adderall abuse.

Rothmeier said, "The outcome that they're expecting does not follow using this medication that's not prescribe for them does absolutely nothing for their studies."

She says students have also told her they use Adderall to stay up all night drinking and partying a combination that could be deadly.

Schroeder said,"Wow, that would be like doing methamphetamines and alcohol together it could kill you."

One student said, "They think they can drink forever because they don't really get drunk..and then all of a sudden boom blackout." and abusing adderral can not only affect your health...it can impact your criminal record.

Richard Glaser said, " would be a state jail felony and 180 days to 2 years in jail if they're repeat offenders it gets enhanced."

Fannin County District Attorney Richard Glaser says he's prosecuted 10-15 cases of people illegally possessing or selling adderall so far this year.

He says if it's a first offense he tries to get the offender drug counseling but repeat offenders and those charged with selling adderall can be charged with a first degree felony.

Glaser said, " it's very serious."

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