Ardmore Fire Chief Interested in Drone Use for Public Safety

By: Lauren Smith
By: Lauren Smith

"We can send them in on hazardous material incidents where we aren't prepared to send a person in."

Ardmore Fire Chief Cary Williamson says there is currently drone research and development being done at a test site near Lawton at a restricted airspace around Fort Sill- A U.S. Military base.

Williamson says, "It could be very beneficial for police and fire. In a search and rescue when we're looking for a lost child we can send this up 400 ft and be able to get a large aerial view."

Ardmore resident, Michael Richardson, says he sees both positives and negatives to using drones for public safety...

"Fire or the results of a tornado...that's very appropriate...but the privacy issue before the tornado or before the fire I would have a problem with them using for that."

State representative "Pat Ownbey" says with aerospace being a huge job creator in Oklahoma, further UAS development in the state could be beneficial.

"Oklahoma is such a great state when it comes to the aerospace and the amount of space that we have available for the development."

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