Ardmore Firefighters Beat the Heat

By: Lauren Smith
By: Lauren Smith

While this escalating summer heat can be dangerous to anyone, it's especially dangerous to those out fighting fires while wearing gear that adds up to 80 pounds. That's why the Ardmore fire department is continually finding new ways to keep firefighters safe and hydrated.

"During the hot times it won't be unusual for people to see our firefighters eating popscicles when they're taking a break on a fire. So that's going to be kind of unusual but it's for a purpose," Chief Williamson says.

Fire Chief, Cary Williamson, decided to start using these popscicles, full of electroylytes, so that firefighters like, Derek Ross, could stay hydrated easier while taking a break from the flames.

"It's just a little easier way to keep us hydrated and they're a little easier to carry around, as far as, carrying around a bunch of Gatorade," Ross says.

Williamson says these summer temperatures are not easy for the men to endure.

"Something that's really important in our mind, is when the firefighters are wearing their protective clothing, if it's a hundred degrees outside and it's say sixty percent humidity, it's the equivalent of a hundred and forty degrees to them," Williamson said

Firefighter, James Turner, says the popscicles, amongst other precautions, have kept the department from any heat related illnesses so far this year.

"Luckily, we have implemented systems like this that have taken care of us, so we've done pretty well with the heat," says Turner.

Chief Williamson says they each have about two to four of the electrolyte replacement popscicles a day, and will continue to do what they can to be at their best while out fighting fires this summer.

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