Ardmore Police's plan of attack for drive-by shootings

By: Kristen Shanahan Email
By: Kristen Shanahan Email

ARDMORE,OK--Ardmore Police say since January there've been about 20 drive-by shootings. Most of them happening this summer.
They say the shootings aren't random it's two feuding groups going back and forth with each other, but that's not making residents we talked to feel any better.

Mother of two Candy says the recent drive-by shootings are making her a little tense. She's so concerned she's asked us not to use her last name.

"It makes me nervous. I have two children. It makes me nervous for them to be outside," Candy said.

Candy says living in a decent neighborhood, in a small town, shouldn't make her as nervous as she is.

"I won't move to a big city and work because I don't want my kids raised in a big city, and here I am with as much violence in my hometown," Candy said.

Ardmore Police Chief Keith Mann says the department's plan of attack is to not letting those involved know what they're doing, and to catch them when they least expect it. He says they're plan seems to be working with the several arrests they've already made, as well as the guns they've kept off the streets. Mann says though they can't predict the suspects next move they are watching closely and taking preventative actions to put an end to these crimes.

Mann says since these shootings aren't random, and just between two feuding groups he doesn't fear for the majority of Ardmore.
However, he is concerned about an innocent person becoming the victim of a stray bullet.

"I've been in the bedroom where a nine-year-old boy was accidentally killed in a drive-by shooting, and I've been in the neighborhoods where the elderly are afraid to open their doors and come outside because of it," Mann said.

Chief Mann says he believes the majority of the people involved in the shootings are teenagers, and says he hopes they stop before they kill someone. Mann says they should just be teenagers, go to school, do the right things, and just enjoy their lives. That's what residents want too.

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