Austin College student's invention could lower carbon dioxide emissions

By: Rick Springer Email
By: Rick Springer Email

SHERMAN, TX - For the last three years one Austin College student has been working on an invention that could eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from cars. We talked with the young scientist, who says what started out as a simple idea is now taking shape with the potential to change the world.

"We're running out of time as of right now," said Param Jaggi, Austin College freshmen.

Jaggi admits that his invention, which he calls the "Algaemobile" was just an idea to solve a problem. But the journey it's taken him on over last three years has opened his eyes to the very real problem of global warming.

"I think that if we don't do something in the upcoming years it will not only have an effect on our generation, but on future generations to come," said Jaggi.

In the summer of 2008 Jaggi was sitting at a stop light behind a car that was blasting him with exhaust. While breathing in the deadly fumes, he had a moment of clarity.

"It clicked in my mind that we can use a device like this," Jaggi said, "or an invention at the most primitive state within the exhaust of a car to help our entire environment."

The device fits inside a car's tale pipe and uses algae photosynthesis to turn the carbon dioxide emissions into oxygen. The project won Jaggi an E.P.A. Award at the 2011 International Science Fair where he beat out 1,500 other contestants.

"He's always been really hard working and very determined," said Meghna Thakur, long time friend and classmate .

Thakur believes that if Jaggi catches a break, his invention will change everything.

"Now that he's actually invented this and that it's actually going to go out and become an invention," said Thakur, "if that happens, I think it will be extremely helpful to everyone."

Jaggi has been invited to show his invention to professors and grad students from all over the country at next year's U.S. Expo. He hopes the exposure will gain him the sponsorship and funding needed to take his project to the next level.

"If I could have a play at decreasing the global emissions and greenhouse gases," Jaggi said, "I think that would really solidify my choice to continue upon this project."

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