Authorities warn not to do outside burning during fire watch

By: Ashley Park
By: Ashley Park

ADA, OK -- With many counties in Texoma under a fire watch authorities warn residents not to do any outside burning Monday or Tuesday.

Ada and Byng firefighters responded to a grass fire just after noon Monday on County Road 35-90 in Ada.

The landowner says he was working inside his shop when the fire started.

The landowner, Lonnie Manuel, said, "I was welding and grinding and I guess some sparks just out the door and I had the door open and I guess that's what happened."

Manuel says he noticed a small fire right outside his shop and quickly called 911.

Pontotoc County Emergency Management Director Chad Letellier says about 4 acres of grassland burned but thankfully no buildings.

Letellier said, "It was burning real good when they got here but they got it knocked out pretty fast. They're just working the smoking areas and hot spots for a while to make sure nothing pops back up during the day."

Officials from the Oklahoma Forestry Services advise residents not to do any outside burning Monday and Tuesday.

Letellier says people need to be extremely careful in this dry and windy weather.

Letellier added, "Humidities are extremely low and you know with the wind the way it is you don't want to be burning anything obviously and this gentleman wasn't. He was trying to be careful and was actually working inside a shop building it just goes to show how a little bit of a spark takes to get something going."

Manuel says he's grateful nothing else was lost in the fire and he plans on taking more safety precautions in the future.

Manuel added, "Oh ya I'll definitely think about it. When you're in a building you don't really think of anything getting out but anyway, I'm thankful that there wasn't anything bothered by it than just a little grass."

Letellier advises landowners and anyone working outside to always have a water source available in these types of weather conditions.

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