Blue Green Algae testing for March

By: Kylie Dixon Email
By: Kylie Dixon Email

LAKE TEXOMA, OK-- For the first time, since the Blue Green Algae warnings, on Lake Texoma, Texoma Destinations' cabins are booked to capacity for the summer holidays.

"Our reservation team so far has probably exceeded what we did last year, we are probably 400 reservations into this year, which for us, that's a huge number," said, Michael Tucker, owner of Texoma Destinations.

He said people are ready to get back to the lake. But the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers still wants to make sure it's safe for everyone to get back in the water.

"This right here, is Little Mineral Arm of the lake, we've got eight different areas that we sample each month," explained, Josh Wingfield.

This is the eighth Blue Green Algae test since last summer and the second test for the Grayson County Health Department.

When the Corps comes out here and samples for the blue green algae they put it in a bottle, just like this one. They stick in their hand, all the way to their elbow, to make sure they get far enough into the water.

The Corps got four extra samples for the Grayson County Health Department.

The county sends the samples to have the toxicity levels checked. They said test levels from February show toxicity levels were insignificant.

The Corps test is a bit different, they measure the concentration of Blue Green Algae.

In February two of the eight spots tested by the Corps had zero algae concentration.

Both the Corps and businesses hope the Lake is in good condition for people to enjoy.

"Although they should be aware what's happening with blue green algae or zebra muscles or whatever else, that they really don't need to concern themselves with it, as long as they are educated, informed, and use common sense, it's really not an issue," Tucker said.

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