Bonham dad displays warning for texting and driving

(BONHAM, TEXAS) -- A Fannin County father has a bold warning for those who text and drive after his teen daughter crashed her car while reading a text.

Jason White's daughter, Cheyenne was in a roll-over accident earlier this month after she glanced down to read a text message, now her wrecked car is on display in front of her father's Bonham business to remind drivers no text is worth dying over.

After rolling her car on August 18th while reading a text message Fannin County resident Cheyenne Davis says she wishes she would have waited to read that text,

Cheyenne Davis " don't text and drive cause it's not worth it."

She says the text message was so insignificant she doesn't even remember what it said but the accident has taught her a valuable lesson.

She told Alexandra Carter she doesn't text anymore and she's learned her lesson.

Cheyenne's father, Jason White says his daughter is lucky to be alive.. " when we drove up she was on her side against a tree..the only avenue of escape was that back window because everything else was blocked."

By placing her wrecked car out front of his Bonham business, White hopes he can share the lesson with the community.

Every day across the U.S 11 teenagers die from a texting and driving related car accident. 39 states now prohibit drivers from texting while driving, but neither Texas nor Oklahoma have a law.

White sees the dangers of texting while driving...but sees the benefit of cell phones.

Jason White, "(yeah) the phone contributed to the accident but she'da never been able to call us and we got there so fast..who woulda known what would've happened and if anybody would've seen her out there."

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