Bonham reacts to school bond's failure

By: Rick Springer Email
By: Rick Springer Email

BONHAM, TX - For the second time in six months voters shot down a Bonham ISD bond. The $27 million would have been used to repair and improve several schools. We talked with parents and city officials who say that they're disappointed but determined.

"I think it's awful. I was very very disappointed that the community wouldn't support our schools efforts to be behind education," said Jennifer Besch, a concerned parent.

The future of several Bonham schools hung in the balance yesterday, but in the end, the dream of having newly renovated and up to code facilities was squashed by 89 votes.

"I know that it was depressing last time, so it's even more depressing this time," said Besch.

The $27.1 million bond lost in a vote of 997 to 908. Besch has a daughter who attends I. W. Evans Elementary, one of the schools in desperate need of repair. Besch worked on a political action committee that was formed to bring awareness to voters about the improvements needed in the district.

"We were all willing to problem solve and come together but we could not get a presence of the "no" voters to our meetings," Besch said.

Athough disappointed, proponents of the bond say this is not a defeat, just a delay. And for now, it's back to the drawing board.

"I would hope that we could try to pass another one soon," said Besch, "so that this school in particular could get what it needs."

"We may just have to find another way to bring that to the people in order to ask them to look to the future of Bohnam, Texas, and our children," said Bonham mayor Roy Floyd.

Floyd voted to pass the bond. He says that the prosperity of any community is often times tied directly to the quality of it's education.

"In order for a community to get good jobs they need good school facilities and good schools and I thought it would help us to get to that so I'm disappointed that the bond didn't pass," said Floyd.

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