Brush fire flares up at Lake Texoma

By: Alex Belser Email
By: Alex Belser Email

MARSHALL COUNTY, OK - Firefighters contained a raging brush fire Monday night after it threatened a lakeside camp and several homes.

Fire crews responded to the same area Sunday, after they say the Texoma Christian Camp was burning some brush piles that got out of hand. The fire picked up again in woods alongside Lake Texoma on Monday afternoon.

"Some people try to burn too big and it gets away from them," Buncombe Creek fire chief Mike Bettag said. "Most of them burn into a ditch or something and it will be fine, but if you get wind on it and one ember gets away into this dry stuff, it's done."

Residents of a few homes nearby were watching the activity closely. "It started yesterday morning and burnt all day yesterday," resident Mike Turner said. "The winds have been pushing it toward our homes."

Firefighters worked to keep flames away from any houses.

"They're knocking it down over there, so we're trying to keep it from spreading this way and getting into these trees," Buncombe Creek firefighter Ronnie Chandler said.

It was difficult for firefighters to get into the areas that were burning near the lake off of Shay Road. One homeowner drove down to the lake to check on the damage.

"There's no big blazes, but there's some trees that have flames that are 30 or 40 feet in the air," Turner said.

"It's right on the edge of these woods, so I don't think there's anything to worry about, but if it flashed back up it would be a problem," resident Jack Mayhew said.

As night fell and some trees remained lit like Christmas, Bettag said those sparks were not dangerous because the wind had died down.

"If they've had water on them and they're in the black, unless the wind gets up they'll be fine," Bettag said.

Firefighters got the fire under control, but plan to return Tuesday morning to check on any hotspots, Bettag said. They hope the wind stays calm.

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