Bryan County residents upset with trucks on Ranchette Rd.

By: Steven Powell Email
By: Steven Powell Email

Residents along Ranchette Road in Bryan County are not happy about the trucks they say have been frequently driving down the small road. And they're concerned about the future damage it may cause.

Trucks have been traveling down the country road to get to a new oil platform that opened six months ago.

Ranchette Road resident Jesse Paul said the road wasn't great to begin with, but he believes the trucks are making it worse.

"They were definitely better before before the trucks came through, and now that the trucks are coming through, I mean there's big deep holes," he said. "And they are up and down these roads all day long."

But while residents believe the trucks are tearing up the road, Monty Montgomery, county commissioner, said the trucks haven't caused any damage yet.

"We have no resource - or recourse - to take, for allowing those trucks to use the roadway," he said. "They have permits from the state of Oklahoma to be on that road. And so we have no authority as County Court of Commissioners to keep trucks off that road."

He said if trucks do cause damage, the County will follow up to collect money for repairs.

"We didn't get any demands or requests from the people for any specific things they wanted us to do. In other words, they didn't say they want us to keep the trucks off the road," he said. "They didn't say 'we want to be reimbursed for damages to the road.' They just kept asking 'what are you gonna do about it.' And I say 'what are we gonna do about what?'"

Montgomery said the Commissioners will talk with the oil company in coming days about a security deposit. He said the normal procedure is to post a $100,000 bond to cover any future damage.

Resident Joe Paul said what he's most concerned about is the safety of his family and others in the area.

"It bothers me all the time," he said. "There's always people running off in the ditches, and the kids play out here all the time. It just scares me."

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