Building renovation and collapse hurt area businesses

By: Victoria Maranan Email
By: Victoria Maranan Email

VAN ALSTYNE, TX-Two days after a wall collapsed on two construction workers in Van Alstyne, they're recovering from their injuries. But some Main street business owners said the collapse didn't just hurt the workers, it's hurting their revenue.
The collapse has some business owners not only worried about their profits, but their customers' safety.
Bow Wow Boutique and Spa owner Heather Cadaret said since the renovations started on the vacant building in the 100 block of Main street, her business has taken a hit.

"It's slowed things down quite a bit," she said.

Then, just days after construction started on the building's façade, a wall collapsed on two workers sending them to area hospitals. Cadaret said now she's worried about the safety of her clients.

"We've also had to just reduce our load because everything has been switched around. We can't use the front of our building so we're having to bring people at the backdoor, which makes it harder as far as check ins and check outs," she said.

Cadaret says because of the renovations up front, her clients had to drive through an alley behind her building just to make it to her business.

She said she hasn't heard from the building owner or the construction crews about when the cleanup will be finished, but says the longer it takes, the more money she's out.

"Just from the one day having to be closed yesterday, we lost upwards to $400 just for that one day," she said.

Dr. Caleb Braddock, whose clinic is just doors away from the building, said while the collapse hasn't disrupted his business much he hopes his building can withstand the continued construction.

"These buildings is not quite as old and maybe not in this much disrepair," he said.

Cadaret said after Monday's accident, she's looking into moving her business somewhere else.

"It just really makes you kinda leery as to whether or not there's gonna be more structural issues and this time, we were lucky and we weren't in here when it happened. But there's nothing to say that if it happens again, we'll be that lucky again," she said.

Van Alstyne fire chief, Frank Baker, said the two men injured are in stable condition. One has already been released and the other is set to be released in a few days.

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