Counterfeit bills being passed in Ardmore

ARDMORE, OK -- "We see counterfeit bills from time to time throughout the year but to have twenty of them come in in the case of a month is a pretty dramatic change.

Ardmore Police Sergeant, Ryan Hunnicutt, said they do have a couple suspects they are investigating but they don't yet know where these bills are being made.

"We have some information that these are being made out of state, we also have some information that they are being made right here in town.", he said.

The department is urging local retailers to be on the lookout.

"If you think someone's passing a counterfeit bill they probably are. Try to get their description. Call the police and turn that information over to us.", added Hunnicutt.

One local gas station manager, Nita Maxey, said, although they have not been victimized, their store is taking extra precautions and is alarmed at how good the counterfeits have become.

Maxey said, "They're so hard to tell anymore whether they are counterfeit or not".

OK One Stop store manager, Lisa Taylor, said they are also doing what they can to prevent the crime and hopes that is enough.

Taylor said, "I mean, that's all you can do is to check those bills and I just keep telling my clerks, you know, be sure you check every single bill that comes through."

Hunnicut said, as long as clerks take time to look at each bill compared to another, it's not hard to catch a fake one.

"They're relatively good copies, but if you look at them directly with another bill you can usually spot them pretty easily", added Hunnicutt

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