Crane Flies invading Texoma

By: Rick Springer Email
By: Rick Springer Email

SHERMAN, TX - Warm temperatures and heavy rains in the area have led to an invasion of pests acrorss texoma. And although they're harmless, these giant flies are definitely annoying. KXII talked to a local exterminator about why we're seeing so many Crane Flies so early in the spring and what's the best weapon to use against these pests.

Some people call them mosquito hawks, some people call them May flies, but most people call them a nuisance.

"Oh yes," said "Results" Pest Control owner Art Harmon. "We have customers come in wanting to buy something to take care of these "giant mosquitos" as most of them say."

But Harmon says the crane fly couldn't hurt a mosquito if it wanted to.

"They do not have biting mouth parts whatsoever," Harmon said.

Nor do they have a stinger. Harmon says adult crane flies live very simple, short lives.

"The adults do not eat anything," he said, "They exist only to mate and lay eggs."

These crane fly's can really be a nuisance, bouncing off the walls, and even your head sometimes. But, the fact of the matter is they don't bite, they don't sting, they don't even eat. All they're really interested in is light.

"The truth is these insects are completely harmless and they are very attracted to light at night and if you open the door they're very rapid to get into the house," said Harmon.

The crane fly thrives in piles of moist organic material like dead leaves and grass and Harmon says trying to exterminate the pests is more of a hassle that it's worth.

"You'll notice there's only a short window period during the year when these crane flies emerge," he said, "and probably during the next two to three weeks we wont be seeing anymore."

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