Dollar General Gives Ardmore Elementary School 40K

By: Lauren Smith
By: Lauren Smith

Dollar General employees presented the forty thousand dollar check to Jefferson elementary administrators Wednesday morning.

"To expand your library with new books, new programs, anything you feel that would help the children to, you know, enjoy reading."

"Most of them are ripped up and old and torn and it's really hard,"
says 5th grader, Cheyanne Estrada. She says despite the aged books and resources, the library is one of her favorite places.

"Because reading is an adventure."

She says she would read even more if there were more books to go around.

"It's filled with so many places I can go in my imaginary, but it's also kind of bad because we don't have that much books."

Leonardo Banda says sometimes they have to wait for months to get their hands on a book they want to read.

"There isn't that much books and I've read them all in past years."

"Our collection is outdated. A lot of the books are more than fifteen/twenty years old. So this will be able to bring that up," says librarian, Michelle mcdaniels. She says the gift from Dollar General will help greatly to promote literacy.

"We're thrilled to death. This is great!"

Principal, Kristie Jessop, says the money will buy more than books.

"This means more computers. If you come in during the day, you'll see kids at the computers, taking tests, looking up for titles for books."

"It meant for me a lot because we get to get new electronics to take tests and find books."

Banda and Estrada say they can't wait to get their hands on the new books.

"I already read them all so I'm really looking forward to reading more."

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