Emergency rooms busier during the holidays

ARDMORE, OK - Doctors and emergency responders said they are getting ready for what is likely to be the busiest weekend of the year.

Studies show nearly four times as many people are admitted into the emergency room on New Years Eve than any other day and doctors say most of these injuries are related to one thing, alcohol.

ER nurse Melissa Smith said, "We have people on call that are ready for us to call with an emergency."

They say most of the emergencies that happen on the last day of the year are related to alcohol.

"People tend to think you have to go out and party on New Years Eve," Smith said.

"I think a lot of people associate New Years Eve as a drinking holiday," Sgt. Ryan Hunnicutt with Ardmore Police said.

In fact, studies show that when compared to a typical day nearly four times as many people are admitted to the ER with alcohol related injuries on New Years Eve.

The worst of those are associated with drinking and driving.

"It is pretty true that people go out and drink and aren't able to handle it and they either fall and hurt themselves or they get into a vehicle and hurt themselves or someone else," Smith said.

Doctors and nurses said working in the ER is a constant reminder of how drinking and driving impacts lives.

Police said they realize for many people, drinking is a key part of the New Years celebration - but that does not meant its okay to get behind the wheel of a vehicle.

"If there are any kids watching this newscast, just really if you think about it would you rather call your mom or dad from jail and say 'hey I have been arrested' or would you rather call and say 'I have made a mistake and I need someone to get me home safely,'" Hunnicutt said.

Police are urging anyone who plans on drinking to call a cab.

They also recommend checking with a local towing company because some offer free rides home.

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