Family Speaks out about Thomas Taunton murder arrest

LEONARD, TX - A Fannin county man is jailed in Louisiana charged with murdering three family members. But, his sister says Thomas Taunton didn't do it. On Friday the Fannin County Sheriff's Office said this is a homicide investigation, but Karen Weehunt says she's upset that law enforcement hasn't been forthcoming with information about her missing parents and sister. That's why she went to her parents house on Friday to try and learn more about what may now be a triple murder case.

Weehunt is one of the Harpst's daughters. She first heard about her parent's and younger sister's disappearance on the news, then she learned her brother was arrested on a murder warrant.

"I need to talk to my brother," said Weehunt. "There's nothing in him that would account for anything like that. He doesn't get angry. He doesn't have the explosive temper, nothing like that"

She says she's had a hard time getting answers. That's why she went to her parents property Friday.

"Call me and tell me something," Weehunt said. "Don’t leave me just reading internet updates on the news."

Karen says her brother was a good man, a carpenter, he helped build this house, and that she doesn't believe for one second that he's capable of killing anyone.

"I'm just scared," she said. "Horrified that something has happened to my family"

Leonard residents say they're floored to hear their neighbors may have been murdered.

"It was very shocking to find out what had happened," Willi Johnson, pastor, Leonard Community Fellowship.

"Anywhere I've lived I've never seen anything like this," said resident Si Schur. "I've been numerous places and I've never been around something like this."

Taunton is in the Desoto parish jail being held on three capital murder warrants.

Authorities say they are looking for the Harpst's silver Dodge Caravan.
Texas Rangers and Fannin County Sheriff's deputies arrived in Desoto Parish Friday, searched Taunton's trailer, and recovered evidence. The Harpst's and their daughter Gina Taunton are still missing.

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