One year later, family seeks answers in quadruple homicide

By: Victoria Maranan Email
By: Victoria Maranan Email

SHERMAN, TX - One year to the day after four people were killed just outside of Sherman, the community came together Tuesday to remember them and ask for help solving these crimes.

Family and friends of Misty and Cassandra Ballou gathered at Cedar Lawn Memorial Park lighting candles in memory of their friends. But Tuesday night's tribute was also a plea for anyone who might have information about the quadruple murder to come forward, so justice can be served.

"It's been a year now and this is still an unsolved case and it don't need to go on forever and ever."

Larry Ballou, organized a candlelight vigil for his daughters Misty and Cassandra Ballou, who were murdered outside of Sherman last year. He was frustrated that no suspects have been found and with the lack of communication with law enforcement, Ballou said he hasn't heard from the Grayson County Sheriff's Office in over three months.

"They never do call, I have to try and call them," he said.

Grayson County Sheriff's Sgt. Rickey Wheeler said they have questioned several people, some out of state, but still have no suspects. He said they are also waiting on D.N.A. test results for pieces of evidence.

"He said they're still waiting on pieces of evidence to come back in, but my gosh it's been a year. They've could've sent, my poor lord, where'd they send it? Mexico?" Said Ballou.

Misty and Cassandra Ballou, along with Brian Ritchie, were killed in a house along Reynolds lane near Sherman. All three were shot multiple times. Cassandra, who was three months pregnant at the time, was also stabbed and Ritchie was beaten. Then the building was set on fire.

One of the victims' friends, Krista Taylor, attended the candlelight vigil and said it's been a difficult year and the pain is still sharp.

"I struggle, it's a daily struggle. I have many nights that I don't sleep. I mean it's horrible. I can't say that I've coped with it because I haven't, I don't think I'll ever cope with it," she said.

Taylor also thinks the investigation is taking too long.

"It's been a year now and something needs to give. I mean it's angering. I mean we're all angry and we need some kind of a closure here and we don't have that," she said.

Ballou hopes investigators will pick up the pace.

"I hope they catch whoever done it and I hope they catch them real soon and quit playing tiddly winks up there just because they're getting paid for it," he said.

Sgt. Wheeler said they have questioned several people who may be connected to the incident, but they need the public's help to solve these crimes. If you have any information, you're urged to contact the Grayson County Sheriff's Office at (903) 893-4388.

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