Gas prices drop, but not all Texomans are satisfied

By: Victoria Maranan Email
By: Victoria Maranan Email

SHERMAN, TX-Gas prices have gone down 40 cents in the past 30 days nationwide, but the new prices fueled some mixed emotions among Texomans.
Victoria Maranan spoke with some of them and with a distributor to find out why we're paying less now and what could be in store down the road.
Gas prices hit the $3 mark all over Texoma, a trend Dorchester resident Ronnie Lowe was happy to see.

"I think the gas prices are really nice to be low, it hasn't been this low in a really long time. It helps people out that really can't afford high gas prices," he said.

But Sherman resident, Linda Meek, said $3 is still too high. She said it costs her more than $100 a week to keep her van running.

"I think it's outrageous. I don't think they ought to be able to do that to us because there's plenty of gas and oil and they're just ripping off the public," she said.

Bill Douglass of Douglass Distributing said the recent economic turmoil in Greece and the U.S. caused prices to drop. According to Douglass, investors and businesses lowered their expectations on the market, causing a drop in demand so gas wouldn't sell unless prices were discounted. Douglass said, in the past 30 days, prices have dropped about 40 cents nationwide.

Some drivers find ways to save on their gas like using their Kroger Plus card, scanning them, which helps them save at least ten cents a gallon, like Hubert Long.

"Oh yes. Sometimes it has saved us as much as 50 cents per gallon. Today, it's 20 cents per gallon savings," he said.

While Douglass said there's no way to tell whether gas prices will keep on going down or jump back up, Long said he's ready whichever way the digits roll.

"It does not matter whether it goes up or down, I have to purchase gasoline. So yeah, we just live with it one way or the other," he said.

"I think it's all kind of a mind game more than anything and I think it will probably jump back up again, but hopefully it stays low enough where we can all have a little relief," said Lowe.

You can also use your Kroger's Shopper Plus card at participating Shell stations, like the ones along FM-1417 in Sherman.

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