Gas prices to increase up to 20 cents by the weekend

By: Victoria Maranan Email
By: Victoria Maranan Email

SHERMAN, TX-When you pull up to the gas pump, brace yourself.
Experts predict you could be paying up to five percent more per gallon by this weekend and they may not stop there. The average price per gallon in Texas reached $3.51 Wednesday and $3.38 a gallon in Oklahoma. According to an expert with, gas was expected to go up as much as 20 cents a gallon by the weekend.
Digits keep rolling as the tanks fill up across Texoma.

"They're crazy. I mean, I commute to Commerce for my school and every two days I have to put gas on it, so it's pretty bad. But there's nothing we can do about it except spend," said college student, Carlos Chavez. He said he feels the pain at the pump, spending $30 just to fill up his tank halfway.

Carl Clark, drove 75 miles from Ardmore hoping to pay less for gas in Texas, only to be surprised.

"I understand prices will have to go up under certain circumstances but I'm gonna blame it on oil companies. They keep reaping in billions of profits and it's coming out of our pockets," he said. co-founder, Jason Toews said world events cause gas prices to go up.

"One of course is the potential for war with Iran. A lot of refineries are going through maintenance right now that's causing short-term shortages, but there's also the refinery fire in Washington," he said.

He said gas prices will make a steep increase by the end of this weekend, going up five to 20 cents a gallon.

"Gas prices are gonna continue to go up as we get closer and closer to memorial day. In Texas, we're gonna see $4.40 to $4.50 a gallon by Memorial Day," he said.

"If it's going up more, I'm glad I gassed up today," said Clark.

Clark and Chavez said there's not much they can do but shell out the cash.

"What's my choice? Pay more. Either that or quit driving, but I need to drive," said Clark.

"But there's nothing we can do just complain," said Chavez.

Toews pointed out that one way for drivers to save up on gas is to shop around a bit.

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