Grayson County implements new Blue Green Algae System

By: Kylie Dixon Email
By: Kylie Dixon Email

SHERMAN, TX-- "We are proud to report that Grayson County commissioners court adopted a brand new blue green algae response strategy and along with it, a county law, called a county order that really addresses the blue green algae issue in Lake Texoma," explained Director John Teel, of the Grayson County Health Department.

The new warning system will consist of colored signs.
Green means there is no advisory. Yellow means there is a watch, and people should take extra precaution. Red means the amount of blue green algae is sufficient to cause injury to humans and pets.

Currently, the Army Corps of Engineers is the only agency that warns the public of the blue green algae on Lake Texoma.

Now Grayson County will post it's own signs next to the Army Corps signs. The Corps is testing for algae content levels and the health department is testing for toxin levels.

Grayson county officials said the content level doesn't affect people's health, like toxin levels do.

The Army Corps of Engineers released this statement, "We are proud that Grayson County was able to come together and respond, but the Corps of Engineers are still reviewing the Grayson County Response Strategy and will let the public know when we have made a decision."

Judge Drue Bynum sent the plan to Texas state lawmakers so they can consider implementing it statewide.

"We need them to keep pressuring the corps of engineers. We would like them to pay specific attention to the work that's gone in and the data we've been able to collect, so that the Corps hopefully will get in line with what Grayson County is doing," Bynum said.

The Health department is giving the "green" go-ahead to all visitors and their animals.

"It would be difficult for a child 40 pound child to even drink enough accidentally at a swim beach or being pulled on a inner tube to get a lethal dose," Teel said.

Ed Phillips, with the Lake Texoma Association, said business owners are booked up for the holiday weekend.

"It's really looking good, people are excited, now that they have more facts about blue green algae. The economy is looking up a little bit, things are really looking great here at Lake Texoma."

The green sign will be up by Thursday.

For more details on how the Green, Yellow, and Red system works, you can check out the Grayson County website.

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