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By: Morgan Downing Email
By: Morgan Downing Email

GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- The deadly shooting in Aurora has many wondering if a similar tragedy could have happened here in Texas or Oklahoma. Gun laws vary by each state, but some believe because it's known that people can conceal carry around here, the shooter would have been deterred.

In Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado, carrying a concealed weapon is allowed.

The number of Texans and Oklahomans applying for concealed handgun licenses is going up. Some people believe self protection could have changed the outcome of the Colorado theater shooting.

"I do think that if more people had their CHL that would increase the likelihood of someone being in a situation like that, being able to stop it," Texas resident Dillon Caylor said.

"If more people are carrying and the more people that know, the less bad people would do things," Oklahoma gun store employee Ky Johnson said.

"A percentage of it actually happening in Oklahoma, slash Texas or this area, would probably be reduced of an incident happening. Doesn't mean it wouldn't ever happen," said Texas gun range owner, Jason Webb.

According to each state's CHL permit numbers and the 2010 Census, Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado are similar in the number of CHL permits issued.

3.4 percent of Oklahomans carry, 1.8 percent of Texans and 2.7 percent of Colorado residents have CHL's.
It could be safe to say, it could all come down to how you'll react in that situation.

"Whether or not they would want to take that risk of liability with so many people around that's another question," Caylor said.

In Texas, if you all ready have your CHL you can buy a gun.
If not, you'll go through a background check with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. They then give the go-ahead to the gun dealer.

Same thing in Oklahoma, except whether you have your CHL or not, you'll still go through a background check.

"Denied rarely happens to anybody that I know of gun shop wise. I only know of one gun shop in the 15 years he's been there, you have one time that a guy was denied," Webb said.

"It usually takes 5 minutes to do that paper work, 5 minutes to call it in. You either, I would say 90 percent of the time, you walk out the door with a gun," Johnson said.

The check does not include a person's medical history.

Jason Webb with Red River Firearms said usually those who have guns and commit crimes, get them illegally.

"They know they can't go the legal way to purchasing a firearm, as in to fill out the 4473. So therefore they will go to a gun show where a person-to-person sale in the state of Texas can be done, and the transaction can be completed," Webb said.

If someone at a gun show, or in private sells a gun to a convicted felon, Webb says they can be held accountable.

It's unknown whether anyone in the Aurora theater had a concealed gun or not, and some authorities say with the gas that filled the theater, it may not have helped.

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