Gun sales booming in Texas

By: Kristen Shanahan Email
By: Kristen Shanahan Email

SHERMAN, TX -- Gun sales are booming across Texas. Just within the past couple of months local gun store owners say weapon sales have spiked significantly, and local gun experts say they think there is more than one reason they are seeing a bang in business.

Randy DeHay owns Strategic Shooting Dynamics in Gainesville. He says with the spike in gun sales there has also been about a 40 percent increase in enrollment in his shooting defense classes. DeHay says this is a trend that usually happens during elections and economic hard times, but he says this year's jump has been a little bit more extreme.

"Throughout the world right now there's a lot of civil unrest and the perception is that there has potential to be a lot of civil unrest in the near future in America as well, and I think that really has people with their guard up," DeHay said.

Owner of Red River Firearms, Jason Webb, says during these unstable times it is not only about protection it is also about investment.

"Hand guns and long guns both. Guns also too as an investment that are possibly going to be potentially banned like the AR50 or the IE Black Rifle," Webb said.

DeHay believes people are more interested in guns. Because of the Doomsday scare along with pop-culture.

"There's several movies out there like "The Road", "Book of Eli", kind of post apocalyptic scenarios and perception could be reality to a lot of folks and that's got them a little on edge and they want to get better educated on how to better their personal defense," DeHay said.

But it is the exploding interest women have in weapons that is a shock to the industry. Mary Ellis, organizer of a new branch of "A Girl and a Gun", says nowadays women are realizing they need to have a stronger arm.

"More and more women are realizing, you know, I need to find a way to protect myself because I am important to. What's going to happen to my kids if you take me out of their life," Ellis said.

Webb says owning something as powerful as a gun could do you more harm than good if you do not know how to use it properly.

"Safety is the first thing no matter what," Webb said.

If you are a gun owner, or are looking to be one you can learn to be a better shooter by taking classes at businesses like Red River Firearms and Strategic Shooting Dynamics.

To learn how you can sign up for classes visit or

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