Intense winds flip over a Madill family's vehicle

MADILL, OK - Strong winds proved to be dangerous for people in Madill, Tuesday morning's storm caused quite a bit of structural damange and leaves one family thankful to be alive.

Joanna Tuck and her kids left for school a little early this morning hoping to beat the storm.

"We left our house around 7:15 a.m. and it was raining hard and we could barely see and all of a sudden I saw something coming across the pasture," Tuck said.

Joanna and her husband John both work at Madill Public Schools so the family usually rides together but today they took separate vehicles.

"My children and I pray on our way to school everyday, we pray for the school for the protection of our family, so we had just finished praying," Tuck said.

The next part, Joanna said she can barely remember.

"All of a sudden my vehicle was lifted up into the air, we were spun several times," she said. "And we were turned upside down and we hit the ground and the vehicle rolled. At that point I thought myself and my children were dead."

No one in the vehicle was harmed and everyone was able to continue about their day but had John decided to ride along everyone might not have been so lucky.

"If I had been in that passenger seat I would have probably been injured because that is where most of the damage was done," Tuck said.

The Madill Fire Department and Emergency Manager said the storm brought in lots of phone calls reporting damage.

"We had one roof completely picked up and sat back down on a house," Hubert Weaver, Marshall County Emergency Manager said. "We had three eye witnesses see a small tornado come down."

KXII Meteorologist Tom Miller said what Tuck actually felt was not a tornado, It was a bow echo producing winds up to 77mph which is completely capable of flipping a vehicle.

"We had a lady stop us, we had a thousand pound propane tank had been blown over, her out barn had been blown down," Weaver said. "Metal was all in the trees the trees were rooted over."

One family said their home also suffered damages to their roof, porch, shed and boat.

"We found metal from it three blocks away," Weaver said.

Madill Fire Chief Keith Pruitt said it was a lucky day for all Madill residents because the strength of the winds this morning were capable of a whole lot more damage.

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