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By: Kylie Dixon Email
By: Kylie Dixon Email

DURANT, OK-- Are the days of classified ads over? Have companies finally caught up, with the rest of the world, and gone mobile in their search for the perfect employee?

Seems that way. Employers are customizing their web sites for recruiting and now have gotten smart, smart phone that is.

Southeastern Oklahoma Regional Economic Developer, Kathy Hendricks said, she see's the trend heading that way.

"I think this new generation it's definitely using this social media, the apps, iPhones, the iPads, that they are going to be looking for, for their job searches," Hendricks explained.

Job hunters can now find job openings, without opening a newspaper. Smart phone applications for Blackberry's, iPhones and others, are the job seekers new tool.

A senior at Southeastern, April Zimmerman, uses the applications to receive updates about certain jobs she is looking for.

"You have the bracket you tell it accounting, that I would like to work in this area in accounting and it will send you updates with this job opening or this internship is available and stuff like that," Zimmerman said.

Another senior, Caleb Cochran, said the new apps doesn't necessarily make job searching an easier.

"It's just like walking door to door trying to get a job, you still have to work at it. You still have to, I mean there is a lot of work in it. The apps, phones, internet, whatever you do, you're still going to have to put effort into it," Cochran said.

While anybody who's ever looked for a new job knows, finding work, can be real work. But the new apps give people, more options.

"I cant take these skills and apply them here, and before that never happened. They looked inside their box and they didn't expand on their potential opportunities," Hendricks said.

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