Johnston Co. murder victim's family speaks

TISHOMINGO, OK - Two years ago today a well-known Murray State College teacher was murdered and her house set on fire. Today, Sara Humphrey sat down with her daughter-in-law, who says the family is still looking for closure.

60-year-old Jane Bullard was brutally murdered inside her Ravia home, March 5, 2010.

Bullard's daughter-in-law Christy said after all this time the nightmare is still fresh in their minds.

"From the autopsy, apparently it was a pretty good battle," Christy said. "Even when I went in the house initially with the coffee table turned over, you could tell that it was a definitely an altercation from both ends, even her fighting back."

"You guys know as much as we do as," she said. "It's supposed to be over gas money, these guys went in there to borrow gas money. Jane told them 'no, I dont have any' and apparently thats when it got ugly."

42-year-old James Baker, 24-year-old Roy Zornes and 19-year-old Angel Cassa were originally charged with Bullard's murder.

Court records show last year a Johnston County judge threw out the charges against Baker amd another judge ruled Zornes incompetent to stand trial.

"It kinda seems like a joke," Christy said. "If I was a defense lawyer that would be my favorite word, incompetent, because thats what everyone is throwing out."

Christy said she has attended the hearings for every suspect accused in Bullard's murder.

"Roy, he smiles and waving at me in the courtroom and wanting to say hi, yea a little different," Christy said. "She hardly ever looked at me and the Baker character, he never looked at me"

After watching two of the three suspects be released, Christy is worried about Cassa's trial set for this fall.

"I don't want someone innocent to be convicted, if shes innocent, but apparently have something that they arent telling us or she wouldnt be in jail," Christy said.

Christy said what keeps their family going is remembering her mother-in-law's loving personality and the lives she touched as a teacher.

She said one day the truth about what happened that day, two years ago, will come out.

"My hands are tied right now, at least until this is over but once its all said and done, we will sit down and write a book together," Christy said.

Last October, Bullard's neighbor Carol Mowrer was also found murdered inside her Ravia home.

OSBI said no one has been charged and they do not believe the two murders are connected.

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