Labor Day Weekend attracts many to Lake Murray

By: Kristen Shanahan Email
By: Kristen Shanahan Email

ARDMORE, OK -- There was quite a crowd on the water and campgrounds out at Lake Murray State Park. State Park officials say though they were kept on their toes they we're pleased with how smooth the weekend went.

"No fatalities, no drowning, no nothing, no accidents, no accidents on the water. We had a really safe great weekend, and I'm really happy," Oklahoma State Park Ranger Lieutenant Kenny Bridgeman said.

Bridgman says there was a lot going on out at Lake Murray State Park. even a little more than usual. He says the break in scorching temperatures brought more people out along the lake to enjoy their time off.

Jessica Moore says she joined in on the lake fun with family and friends. She says they really took the time to soak in the wonderful weather, and wouldn't want to to spend the holiday any other way.

"Having fun in the sun! It's Labor Day so came out, schools out, and off work, and it's nice outside. Very nice," Moore said.

Bridgman says it wasn't only the nice weather that brought a boat load more people to enjoy the parks recreation. He says the water restrictions at Lake Texoma, due to the infectious blue-green algae, also sent people to Lake Murray. Bridgman says they've had many people ask if it's a concern at their lake. but says so far they're safe, and doesn't believe it will be a problem for the remainder of the summer.

"We're such a recreational lake that the water moves so much that I believe we're safe. I believe these cooler temperatures, and hopefully we're going to get some rain. I think we're going to be safe for the remainder of the year. So we're all good, we'll finish it out," Bridgman said.

Moore says they visit Lake Murray often, and says she's heard plenty of talk about the fear of blue-green algae that's effecting bodies of water like Lake Texoma. However, she says it's not something they fear at their favorite lake.

Bridgman says a major point of concern they have had this summer is low water levels. He says people need to be extremely careful, especially when nearing shore lines because they can be very deceiving.

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