Lamar County faces multi-million dollar lawsuit

By: News 12 Paris
By: News 12 Paris

LAMAR COUNTY, TX-- Lamar County is fighting a multi-million dollar lawsuit over a pair of murder charges filed five years ago.

Ryan Crostley and Shannon Finley are claiming false imprisonment and due process violations against the county.

The two spent nine-months incarcerated for the 2008 death of Brandon McClelland. His body was found on a country road outside of Paris.

Charges against the two were dropped when new evidence surfaced in 2009, ruling McClelland's death an accident.

The US Court of Appeals overturned a district court decision to remove the county from the lawsuit.

Lamar County Commissioners discussed the case this week in commissioners court.

According to County Judge Chuck Superville, the court believes every step of criminal procedure was followed correctly according to the law.

"We're very confident, Lamar County is very confident, we didn't do anything wrong and we are going to be absolved of any liability," said County Judge Chuck Superville. "However we also know it will take several months, maybe a year before it finally gets worked out."

Both Crostley and Finley are seeking a million dollars each for damages and attorney fees.

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