Lamar County prepares for West Nile virus

PARIS, TX - A wet spring and climbing temperatures mean mosquitoes are making a comeback and with mosquitoes comes the West Nile virus.

The city of Paris and the Paris-Lamar County Health Department have teamed up, taking the fight to the West Nile virus.

"Last year there was quite an influx of West Nile issues, so this year we tried to really take an aggressive approach." said health department director Gina Prestridge.

Prestridge says they're taking a three prong attack against mosquitoes: treating standing water, mosquito fogging and a fight the bite campaign.

Fight the bite emphasizes preventing West Nile with the 4 D's.

1) Dusk till dawn-stay indoors during most active mosquito time.
2) Dress-wear long sleeves/pants while outdoors
3) Defend-wear mosquito repellent that contains DEET
4) Drain-properly drain excess outdoor water to reduce breeding grounds

"The tricky thing with West Nile is that it does mirror some other illnesses." said Prestridge. "You're going have some flu like symptoms; achy, fever, tired, lethargic, or just run down not feeling well."

Prestridge recommends getting checked as soon as possible if you see any signs of symptoms.

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