Lone Grove Residents Disgusted By City Tap Water

By: Lauren Smith
By: Lauren Smith

"Sewer almost... It smells like sewer. Like raw eggs and sewer combined. It's horrible."

Lone Grove residents like, Michelle Green, who live in the Kenny Addition say their tap water has smelled like that...
And looked like this... for years now.
She says it's not just the health concern, it's the cost.

"I don't use the water for anything. I don't even boil spaghetti in our water. We buy distilled water. We're going through elements and buying special cleaners to clean the dishwashers.
Filters in our refrigerators... We're going through those. Way more than what we should. And this stuff is not cheap."

Nick Danker, superintendent with the Lone Grove Water Department says the discoloration is caused by water line breaks.

"We've had a lot of leaks here lately so that'll make us have a lot more dirty water. And of course it's well water so you're going to have spurts of dirty water."

Danker says the water is not dangerous and they come frequently to "blow off" the water by flushing the lines through valves and fire hydrants, which temporarily cleans it by circulating the water.

"I mean all we can do is basically blow it off and try to stay ahead of it." (Danker)

Danker suggests buying a filter for your house and also says residents can call the city, or the police department after 5pm. to have someone come blow off dirty water.
But residents like, Bill Stockwell, believe say that's just a short term fix.

"It's just not going to be the answer long range. They've got to do more than that."

"i don't know what the answer is but they keep pumping us the brown water."

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