MCSO gets new state-of-the-art surgical robot

By: Rick Springer Email
By: Rick Springer Email

DURANT, OK - The Medical center of Southeastern Oklahoma is sporting some new top of the line technology. This state of the art robot is performing highly advanced procedures that until recently where only available in Oklahoma City and Dallas.

It's called the DaVinci Surgical System, and it's revolutionizing the way doctors perform surgery. And now MCSO is one of the few hospitals in Oklahoma that has one.

"We're all very pleased to have it here at the hospital," said Dr. Christine Taylor, OBGYN. "To find this technology you have to go to Oklahoma City or Dallas. And, it offers a lot of advantages."

The Davinci robot can be used to perform dozens of minimally invasive gynecologic and urologic procedures such as prostate removal and hysterectomy. Doctors say it significantly cuts down on on healing time making it much more convenient for patients.

"The patients that I've used it on are very happy because they've had less pain afterwards," said Dr. Taylor. "They've gotten back to work quicker, and the recovery time has been much shorter."

Having surgery can be stressful for anyone. Packing up, driving 200 miles to a big city, and putting your family up in hotel only adds to the headache. But with the Davinci at MCSO, Texomans can have a procedure during the day and be back in their own home by bedtime.

"Staying local is the best way," said Amber Spann, patient. "I mean your more comfortable at home. Especially being able to leave sooner from the hospital to go home versus having to stay. You know, it's just a lot better."

While more and more surgeries are being performed by robots like the DaVinci, Dr. Taylor says she doesn't ever foresee a time when a doctor's touch will no longer be needed.

"I don't see that happening," Taylor said. "I think we're still going to have to use our hands as diagnostic tools."

The DaVinci costs about $1 million and right now there are three doctors at MCSO qualified to use it.

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