Madill Schools remain closed, investigation continues

MADILL, OK - Madill Public Schools are closed Thursday after the elementary school was evacuated Wednesday morning when teachers and students suddenly became sick.

Madill Superintendent Jon Tuck says so far everyone involved is safe and receiving the proper medical attention, but all Madill school activities scheduled for Thursday are cancelled for the district.

What started out as a normal day at Madill Elementary School turned to chaos when students and teachers started getting sick.

"I just got a phone call telling me about a gas leak so I just waited to come pick my son up," father Jerome Fields said.

"We received 911 calls this morning of children that were exhibiting seizure or asthma symptoms," Marshall County Undersheriff Donnie Raley said.

"As precaution we took them out and evacuated the building and later found that we had more students falling out," Superintendent Jon Tuck said.

First responders from Marshall and Johnston County began evacuating Madill Elementary School at 10 o'clock Wednesday morning.

"Before we could get an ambulance on scene, some teachers started exhibiting some symptoms, so at that point we decided to send the fire department up and start the evacuation procedures until we could figure out exactly what was going on with the school," Raley said.

Parents were urged to pick up their children while investigators locked down the building to determine a cause.

"Natural gas company is on the scene. They are in the process of checking for carbon monoxide. They are also checking the for any gas leaks that may have taken place inside the building. We don't have the results of those just yet," Raley said.

More than 30 teachers and students have received medical attention. About 20 were taken to Madill and Ardmore Hospitals. So far all are said to be in stable condition. But Tuck encourages parents to keep an eye on their kids.

"We are going to do everything we can do to find out what this is. We are not going to let our students come back until we are sure it is safe. Until that point we will not be having school in the elementary," Tuck said.

"We are glad we got everything under control. The city of Madill did a good job of letting everyone know when to come get the kids, and they transferred the kids over here, and I think they did a really good job of letting us know," Fields said.

Officials still haven't determined what caused the students and teachers to get sick, but ONG did rule out carbon monoxide and natural gas. Tuck says the state health department has been called in to investigate. Meanwhile all school activities for the Madill Public Schools have been cancelled for Thursday.

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