Madill Public Schools to reopen Friday

MADILL, OK - Students and faculty at Madill Public Schools are expected to head back to class tomorrow. Classes were cancelled district wide yesterday after twenty-five elementary students and one teacher suddenly became sick.

Madill Public School Superintendent Jon Tuck said officials continue to find no signs of carbon monxide or gas in the elementary school building and The State Health Department has ruled out presences of pollutants but some parents are weary of sending their kids back to class.

Haleih Bond was one of the twenty-five Madill Elementary School students taken to the hospital during Wednesday's evacuation.

"Well I got up to turn in my test and ask if I could go to the principal's office because I was feeling dizzy and had a headache," Haleih said.

Haleih's mother Angela said, "It scared me, I mean I freaked out because all I got was you need to go to the hospital. She was transported by ambulance to the hospital."

All other students were treated and released but Haleih's symptoms were more severe. She was held in the hospital over night.

"She didn't even realize any of us were even in the room with her," Angela said. "She was out of it. They did some testing but they are doing an MRI tomorrow on her and stuff but they said it wasn't carbon monoxide and drugs or anything related to that."

Despite Tuck's decision to reopen the district Friday, Angela said her daughter will not attend.

"We are going to finish up a few more things we are going to do some disinfecting and cleaning but at this point we can't find anything wrong," Tuck said. "We anticipate tomorrow we are going to go back to school and back to our regular activities."

The State Health Department has ruled out any signs of carbon monoxide, gas or other pollutants in the air.

"If we didn't feel like it was safe we certainly wouldn't bring our students and staff back so we expect everybody back and ready to go to work tomorrow," Tuck said.

Moraima Gomez has seven children who attend Madill Schools. None of them got sick Wednesday, but she said she trusts the school to make the right decision.

"If Mr. Tuck said it's okay we can come back to school tomorrrow, I mean I am sending my kids and I have a lot of them!" Moraima said. "They are at home right now bored."

Haleih said she's feeling much better but is scheduled for an MRI tomorrow.

"Yea she'll be back at school on Monday," Angela said. "But I mean they don't know what it is so she can't miss out on her education."

Tuck said the district will probably not be required to make up today and yesterday's missed school days.

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