Man gets 10 years for Gainesville baby's death

By: Rick Springer Email
By: Rick Springer Email

GAINESVILLE, TX - A man accused of causing the injury that ultimately killed a gainesville baby Is headed to prison. We talked with the child's father who says the sentence is too light.

"I don't understand how this could have happened," said Stanley Biggers, father of Mikaylie Biggers.

Biggers says he's floored by the sentence handed down to 32-year-old Wesley Schutes, the man he says killed his infant daughter.
Schutes was convicted of reckless injury to a child which prosecutors say ultimately led to the death of 7 month old Mikaylie Biggers.
He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the crime.

"10 years is not enough time," Biggers said. "I don't think so. Any parent wouldn't think so."

Cooke County District Attorney Janice Warder says in August 2010, while Mikaylie was with her mother Mackenzie Bauwin and her boyfriend Schutes, the baby suffered blunt force trauma to the head.
Mikaylie was on life support for two days, but didn't survive. Warder says that in these kinds of cases determining the exact cause of death is very difficult.

"This type of child abuse case is always very difficult because child abuse is generally the type of offense that's committed behind closed doors and often times the only person who knows exactly what happened is the perpetrator himself," said Warder. "And, if that person is not willing to tell the truth about what happened, then we may never know exactly what happened in that room."

Warder says Schute's admitted that Mikaylie's mother was asleep at the time of the incident. She currently does not face any criminal charges. Biggers says he's glad it's over, but he still has questions.

"I mean I have to move forward because I have faith in God," Biggers said. "That's the only way I can move forward. That's the only way I have moved forward. But, I just don't think ten years is enough time. I just don't. Any parent would understand that."

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