Marshall County Commissioners Approve Lake Texoma Projects

By: Lauren Smith
By: Lauren Smith

Just across the water from the corps run campgrounds on Lake Texoma, county run Caney creek is still open. But commissioners say it needs a lot of work.

"Pretty bad state of dis-repair... It got to where it really wasn't usable. The wildlife department approached me about doing a project there with legacy funding."

Marshall county commissioner, Chris Duroy, says thankfully, the federal shutdown has not slowed their engineering plans for a new double boat ramp, fishing boating dock, and paved parking area at Caney Creek.

"Trying to do what we can to upgrade some facilities around this lake so the tourists will come to it."

He says the Caney Creek project, funded by the Oklahoma department of wildlife, is one of two, meant to improve access to Lake Texoma, that was approved in the county commissioners meeting Monday morning.

"i'm really excited about it. I think it'll be great for the community. Have a nice new boat ramp and a new road," says Chris Carney. She and Bob Jarvis who both belong to the Caney Creek yacht club are thrilled about the new projects...

"Been a pretty nice ramp in the past but it fell into dis-repair... So hopefully we can get something positive going here," Jarvis said.

Duroy says the other project, funded by ODOT, is resurfacing an access road in Enos that leads to Cardinal Cove.

"Real high traffic it serves two boat ramps, a lot of communities. Basically a big tourism area," said Duroy.

He says he hopes to have the three miles of road in Enos resurfaced by mid-November and the Caney Creek project by next spring.

"I think it'll be real good for this area... I'm real excited."

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