Marshall County road collapses under truck

By: Helen Headlee Email
By: Helen Headlee Email

Alvin Hayes was driving when felt his truck sink into Cumberland road and saw a culvert pipe underneath raise up creating a 20-foot-wide by 10-foot-deep hole.

"And then really water comes, pushed me down, I barely got the door open," said Hayes. "But I got the door open and waded out of the water."

An experience that shook him.

"I was talking to the Lord," said Hayes.

After climbing out of the creek bed, Hayes found a neighbor to call Marshall County officials.

Erin Lemons is the District 2 Commissioner and explains that over the years the creek had eroded the dirt underneath to one side around the two culvert pipes and the recent rains washed the remaining soil away completely.

"It had finally made a path, and when it had made a path through there and got stopped up it went ahead and took these big culvert pipes with it," said Hayes.

Lemons also said the pipes were rusted out on the bottom and county roads like this have carried more weight than they were designed for as oil and gas companies have moved in.

"This one we've kind of been watching it because it's been giving just a little, but there was no indication that this was going to happen," said Lemons.

After cleaning out the hole Lemons said the county plans to put in two 8 foot wide and 48 foot long culvert pipes to replace the old 6 by 24 foot ones. Then they'll fill it in and put new asphalt on top.

Hayes plans to ask the county about a new vehicle.

"What their policy is, is if there is a policy, if they replace it, whatever. I don't have no vehicle," Hayes said. "I just live off my social security check."

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