Marshall County man hits cow in road

By: Alex Belser Email
By: Alex Belser Email

MARSHALL COUNTY, OK - A driver recently collided with a cow, crunching the hood of his truck. Now deputies are warning other drivers so they can avoid similar accidents.

Driver Bennie Crownover said he was on Powell Road and Page Road outside of Kingston on Feb. 25 when something stopped his truck right in its tracks.

"I saw black and boom," Crownover said. "I swerved and missed three cows on the right hand side, then as I swerved to get over in the other side of the lane, a cow came from the other side."

"We hit so hard that it pushed the cow off into the ditch," passenger Robert Ellis said.

Marshall County deputies say they get around 10 calls a week about animals loose in the road, some of them cows.

"A majority of the cattle are black," Deputy Michael Henry said. "When they get out on the road, you're not going to be able to see them."

"it was so dark you couldn't see they were all black cows, all you could see is figures," Ellis said.

The accident victims said they spoke with a rancher who admitted his cows had gotten out twice that morning. We asked him about it.

"There's cows that get out all the time, but they're not always from here," rancher Kenny McGahey said. "The main thing is that people come down this road at about 100 miles per hour."

Crownover said he is upset about losing his truck, but still thankful.

"I'm just blessed that we had our seatbelts on," Crownover said. "We weren't going that fast. We just had a little neck injury and not be dead or be in the hospital for a long time."

"We're lucky we had our seatbelts on. We're lucky to be alive," Ellis said.

Henry said deputies try to keep a log of who owns animals where to try to help identify any animals loose in the road when a report comes in.

OHP advises anyone driving on a county road or state highway to slow down and pay close attention to the road, especially at night.

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