More counterfeit money found In Ardmore

ARDMORE, OK - Sgt. Ryan Hunnicutt of the Ardmore Police Department says a fake five dollar bill was discovered at the MTC Federal Credit Union on Aug 5.

The bill was taken and placed into evidence last night. Hunnicutt says although counterfeiting money is not rare, it is not extremely common either.

"It seems to come in spurts," Hunnicutt says. "We will have several reported at one time, then we may go several months without it."

When situations of counterfeit seem to flare up, Hunnicutt says it could be coming from one source.

"A lot of times we will find that they are connected," he says. "There will be one person who will pass small amounts of counterfeit money to several different locations, so it will not be surprising if we see a few more."

Hunnicutt says usually counterfeit money is easy to point out, but there are ways to detected a fake bill in the higher quality counterfeit as well.

"We look for those things that are embedded into the bill itself, whether that be security strips or holographic dye," he says. "We have a whole list of things that we can tell if it is counterfeit, but more often than not they are pretty obvious."

Hunnicutt says, obvious or not, the punishment is still a felony.

"You can be prosecuted in the state court or you can be prosecuted in the federal court," he says. "I would say most of the time we hand these cases off to the federal attorneys."

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