North Texas man says he has solution for feral hog removal

By: Allison Harris Email
By: Allison Harris Email

VAN ALSTYNE, TEXAS -- Finding a solution for feral hogs is proving troublesome in Texoma. They're aggressive, invasive and disruptive.

But one North Texas man says he's come up with the most successful way to remove the hogs -- without using weapons.

"It is the way to go and in a few short years, in especially Grayson County, we could have this under control," Cliff Moore with Animal Services, Inc. said.

Moore says his method of feral hog removal through trapping is the only one that truly works.

"Our method is live capture and live loading into a trailer," Moore said.

Moore coaxes the hogs into this trailer, trapping them without using brute force.

He shot this video in Irving, studying the hogs before removing them for the city.

"The equipment is only about 10 percent of why we're successful. We literally know what the pigs do and know the land and the disturbance of the land," Moore said.

David Franklin found feral hogs on his Van Alstyne cattle ranch.

He decided to call Moore, rather than contracting with hunters to shoot them down.

"I think it would've scattered the hogs into other areas and they would have been right back causing me more problems," Franklin said.

Franklin says Moore got the job done.

Moore says other techniques like shooting or herding causes the hogs to disperse, making them more aggressive and harder to catch the next time.

"We've personally weighed a 378 pounder on the scales alive. I've seen incredible aggression out of some pigs," Moore said.

Wednesday, ag extension workers from Grayson, Collin, Delta and Franklin counties met with Moore to consider using him to remove hogs in their areas.

"The traps work seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and the hunters, etc., can only be there when they're there, so trapping is the absolute best way," Moore said.

Once Moore traps the hogs, he takes them and sells them to a food processor.

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