Officials give reminders about Labor Day Weekend Safety

By: Alexandra Carter Email
By: Alexandra Carter Email

(LAKE TEXOMA--) Labor Day weekend is one of the busiest times out at Lake Texoma, officials say they want everyone to stay safe this holiday and they are especially concerned about the heat.

With temperatures set to be in the 100's all weekend, lake officials say they'll be in full force to make sure everyone can enjoy this holiday weekend as safely as possible.

Joe Custer Lake Texoma Manager says " drink lots of know..stay in the shade if you can..and stay hydrated."
Paul Kisel, Eisenhower State Park Superintendent says "make sure you're with a group..being with a group is always safe and whether you're out here at the state park or at Lake Texoma in general..come out and have fun in the sun..just be responsible.

Susan Romero is preparing for a big weekend at the Lake..and says staying cool is a priority.

Susan Romero, " drink plenty of water..stand under a canopy..and right now we're in the casita to get cooled down a little bit cause it's got air..and we've got two dogs but stay cool...hydrated and don't over exert yourself."

Officials will be out in full force and remind those driving boats to stay sober and everyone to be safe.

Joe Custer " anytime you're on a boat and you're in water there are obviously hazards..there's natural hazards there's floating logs..the boat traffic is going to be very busy out there this weekend."
Paul Kisel, " if you're on a boat then wear a life jacket and if you're swimming on shore then make sure you're in sight of others and if you're out on the lake regardless of what you do we ask that you be safe.

Cliff Garinn takes safety seriously when he's on the lake..

Cliff Garinn " we give our closest relatives our information and the route that we're taking in case anything happens..we make sure we have plenty of fuel and things like that."

Officials say Lake Texoma has had the busiest summer in years thanks to rainfall, cooler temperatures and almost no toxicity being reported in blue green algae.

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