PETA aims to shut down Wynnewood zoo

By: Lauren Smith
By: Lauren Smith

PETA says it's time to shut down the GW exotic animal park.

"For his years of disregarding and violating animal welfare act laws and guidelines and his inability to provide adequate care to the animals in his custody due to his crippling debt," says Brittany Peet, attorney for PETA.

Joe Schriebvogel, owner of the GW zoo, reportedly lost $1 million dollars earlier this year due to an out of state trademark infringement.
But park manager, John Reinke, says regardless of the loss, business is going on as normal and the animals are still being well taken care of -- thanks to donations...

"The park is not suffering. Our cats are all fed well. I throw 30,000 pounds of meat away every week because I have too much meat," says Reinke

Garvin County Sheriff, Larry Rhodes, says although they do frequently receive calls from animal rights activists regarding the park, he says there's no evidence of any criminal activity...
"That's not a concern of mine, that Joe would do anything to harm our community or harm the animals," says Rhodes.

PETA says they often do undercover investigations at the zoo...and the abuse *they've found is alarming...

"We're constantly monitoring the facility and pushing USDA and any other agency to take any action."

But Reinke says he doesn't expect the zoo to be shut down anytime soon...

"Everybody that's been here knows we have a nice park and our animals are well taken care of. Animals come first here."

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