Scam targets Ada's elderly residents

ADA, OK - A elderly Ada woman who was targeted by scam artists and had thousands stolen from her home speaks out to prevent the same crime from happening to other people.

Ada Police said two men scammed the elderly woman by posing as a utility company workers, but only one of those men is behind bars tonight.

Investigators said they are still looking for other suspect.

Ada resident Margaret Jones said, "He asked me how can I get in the backyard and I said right theres the gate you can go through it. He came and went through it I went through the house. I locked my front door, but I didn't lock my kitchen door."

Margaret Jones is one of several victims in an alleged scam pulled off by two men posing as a utility workers.

Ada Police Chief Mike Miller said, "They are going to elderly peoples homes and saying that they are with the cable company or gas company or something like that and asking them to come outside and look where the service goes into the house, things like that while a second one goes into the house steal their identity, credit cards, checks."

"He said, I am with Cox Cable Company and they are fixing to lay a new line out there and I need to go in your back yard and measure," Jones said. "And I said okay and he said well you will have to go with me."

But when Jones agreed, she didn't know it would cost her nearly $4,000.

"While we were out there this other man came out there three times and said something to him, I don't know what he said, but for me to get credit with the company for the measuring I need you to sign this paper," Jones said.

Police said 39-year-old Sam Lee and 26-year-old Dearl Cooper allegedly tricked residents into signing a document so the duo could forge a check they had just stolen from the home.

"I don't know with my being untrustworthy of people it really got to me when I had found out I had been scammed," Jones said.

Police said Lee was booked on first degree burglary, forging documents and conspiracy charges but they are unsure of Cooper's where abouts.

"I believe he is from Stratford and we are asking people if they do run across this guy to contact the Ada Police Department," Chief Miller said.

"In today's Ada paper there is a picture of one of them and it does look like him but the one who stayed out in the street and came in and stole the check he had a speech impediment," Jones said. "A real bad one."

Investigators said the two men ran up about $10,000 during the reported crime spree, but Jones did get her money back.

They warn you to ask anyone who comes to your door for identification, because there is no Cox Cable Company in Ardmore or Ada.

We tried to reach Cox's corporate office, but our calls were not returned.

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