Science Boot Camp at Dillingham Intermediate

By: Kylie Dixon Email
By: Kylie Dixon Email

SHERMAN, TX-- This is what 5th grade science boot camp looks like at Dillingham Intermediate.

"We have a 10 day science camp to get our kids ready for the STAAR test next week."

5th grader, Lilly Boessen, said she and her classmates are enjoying the boot camp.

"It was really fun. We did lots of activities and hands on things. It was really fun."

This boot camp isn't just for fun though, 5th grade science teacher, Samantha Deaton, said the kids remember more by doing, than by simply sitting in their classrooms.

The camp teaches the students songs, different motions...and even sayings, to help them remember materials that will be on the STAAR test.

"It's a nice change of pace. Because they aren't in their classrooms, they're not sitting. They are up and moving and standing. We try to get them up, doing as much as they can," said, 5th Grade Science teacher, Samantha Deaton.

Deaton and the other fifth grade science teachers came up with the idea....after they got the results of last year's standardized tests.

"Last year's test results were not where they wanted them or where we wanted them to be. So we are trying to do as much intervention as we can to prepare our kids to be successful and to approve as much as possible from the previous year," said, Principal Brent Counts.

STAAR testing resumes next week, but Lilly said she and her classmates aren't worried.

"STAAR ace it. Like, we are going to ace the test, get a 100. Everyone is going to get a 100%."

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