Service dog removed from owner in Ardmore


ARDMORE, OK - A community divided over the decision to remove a dog from his disabled owner is asking for help to get this best friend back.

Ed lives in Ardmore and has had his black lab, Boomer, for seven years, a gift from his daughters.

"We've been pretty close friends for awhile," said Ed.

Boomer is not only a friend to Ed, but a service dog.

"Since I don't move very well, he is acting as a signal dog, he tells me whenever anybody's coming around, if anyone comes in the neighborhood he's out there barking," said Ed.

Boomer's barking, along with his appearance, has left neighbors and mail carriers uneasy, but Ed says Boomer has never physically harmed anyone.

"He scares people, and he barks, and nobody knows what he's going to do, but he wouldn't harm a flea," said Ed.

For a period of three years, the City of Ardmore has received numerous complaints on Boomer.

"He's not aggressive towards anyone. I don't understand all the complaints honestly," said Ed.

Ardmore municipal court could not say that complaints were made from Boomer harming anyone, but did say Ed violated the leash law.

"He has gotten out of the back yard, I'm going to guess about 5 or 6 times, and as Randy knows whenever he gets scared when the thunder comes up, and he tries to run," said Ed.

"Every now and then your gonna have one get loose, and you try your best to keep them up but it just happens," said Randy.

Last September Boomer was banned from Ardmore city limits.

"Either the mail lady or mail man someone complained, so I went to court and he told me to get Boomer out of town, out of the city limits. I didn't do it. I kept Boomer around I needed him around," said Ed.

Ed was then charged with harboring a vicious dog.

"Just because he's a bigger dog than somebody else doesn't make him a bad dog," said Ed.

And earlier this month, Ed was forced to choose between loosing Boomer or taking him out of the city limits.

"The judge did say if I see him again I'll have him put down," said Ed.

Judge David Blankenship refused to comment, but the Ardmore municipal court denies those words being said. Boomer now lives outside of city limits with Ed's friend, Randy.

"It's kind of ridiculous. I've had Boomer for a couple of weeks now, and he's been absolutely marvelous," said Randy.

"I think Ed definitely needs his dog back. You're not talking about a vicious animal. You're talking about a dog that's a best friend to a disabled man," said John.

Ed says all he wants for Christmas is to have his best friend back home.

"I really want my dog back with me where he should be," said Ed.

If you would like to help bring Boomer home, Ed encourages you to contact the Ardmore city commissioners and visit the 'Send Boomer Home' Facebook page.

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