Sherman water and sewage rates increase

By: Allison Harris Email
By: Allison Harris Email

SHERMAN, TEXAS -- Come October, your bank account might feel a little drained. That's because sherman residents will be paying more for utilities.

"After their October first bill, it goes into our fiscal year," Sherman Mayor Bill Magers said.

At Tuesday's meeting, city council members voted to increase the city's water and sewage rates by 4 percent, making this year the third year in a row for a water and sewage rate increase.

"In 2011, the city council voted to increase water rates over three years to keep the consumer from getting hit with this rate increase. We increased it by 6 percent in 2011, 4 percent this past year, 2012, and another 4 percent in this fiscal year, 2013," Magers said.

Back in 2009, when MEMC and Folgers left Sherman, the city was without two of its biggest water and sewage customers.

"Since that time, Tyson also announced they were going to start recycling about 30 percent of their water usage," Magers said.

In a statement from Tyson PR Manager Worth Sparkman, the company says, "Through a progressive water recycling program, we were able to reduce the amount of water used in our Sherman operations by about one third in early 2011. This is part of a company-wide effort to continually use all resources more efficiently and effectively. When we begin planning these types of programs, we reach out to the community in which we’re operating and work with local officials."

With MEMC, Folgers and Tyson buying less water and sewage, the city lost $2 million dollars in utilities revenue.

Magers says that's why they needed these water and sewage rate increases.

"What that does is the $2 million dollars in revenue roughly that we've lost, now, moving forward, we are on level ground," Magers said.

Magers says that for the 2014 fiscal year, the water and sewage rate should stay the same and not increase.

Magers also says that these increases are just a result of the ebb and flow of city business.

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