Silo School officials re-group for 6th bond proposal attempt

By: Steven Powell Email
By: Steven Powell Email

SILO, OK -- After the fifth straight bond proposal for Silo Schools failed Tuesday night, School officials are trying to re-group.

Especially since the bond was only 8 votes away from passing.

Kim Mauck, head of the Citizen's for Silo's future campaign, said it was frustrating watching the vote count.

"I just kept staring at those numbers thinking this has to be wrong. There has to be eight votes somewhere that they'll find and this will not be true," she said.

She said while it hurts to have come so close to passing the bond, now, it's time to focus on the future - on turning those eight no votes into yeses.

"That's what's so frustrating to me, not the eight, but just that 520 people who override the 850 kids, because they can't vote yet," she said.

The school desperately needs the $2.3 million bond voters rejected Tuesday, Mauck said.

"We've split classrooms in half. We have teachers who's offices are in walk-in freezers that have been converted to offices. Closets that have been converted to classrooms or offices," she said.

Superintendent Bill Caruthers said they'll try again for a 6th bond proposal, most likely in the fall.

"One individual said 'can't you just get by?' That's what we've been doing for the past two years. Just getting by," he said.

Each proposal has inched closer to the needed super-majority - which Caruthers said is a positive sign.

"The majority has spoken time and time again. And the majority understands that we need classrooms for our kids," he said.

Each election they struggle with mis-information among voters, Caruthers said.

"If they're voting no for some reason that they're neighbor told them, or some reason that just doesn't sound right. Call me up and ask me. And I'll answer your question," he said.

Mauck said she understands some voters don't want to see their property taxes increase by 9 percent.

But she says they'll try again - for the kids' sake.

"I think there will have to be another bond. I just don't think there will be another option for Silo. We've re-purposed every space that we can."

By law, the school has to propose a different bond package next time around. School officials say yesterday's proposal was tailor-made to their needs - and say it'll be difficult finding what to change.

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