Snow cables, not chains, preferred by Sherman Police Department

By: Rick Springer Email
By: Rick Springer Email

GRAYSON COUNTY, TX - Last year a winter blast rolled through Texoma and froze the roads causing dozens of accidents nearly halting travel in the area. Add moisture to our current conditions and the same could easily happen again. Snow chains are a good way to avoid getting stuck, but there's a new way to get your car better traction
that could keep you safe during a winter storm.

Unless you own a four-wheel-drive vehicle, a set of snow chains is your best bet to weather a winter storm. But snow isn't common in our region and neither is a set of chains. Most shops only have them available for order.

"Being in our region, we don't carry any of it in stock," said Denison O'Reilly Auto Parts Assistant Manager Dan Hutchinson. "It's usually the following business day."

And since you'll probably only use them once every couple of years Hutchison says you don't have to spend an arm and a leg.

"Most people around here all you need is just your basic economical cheap chain set," Hutchinson said. "You can install it in your driveway with no special tools."

A basic set of snow chains will run you around sixty dollars, but for Kent Sweat, who's responsible for the entire Sherman Police fleet, the higher end snow cable is preferred.

"That's all I use is cable's," Sweat said, "even on my big trucks that's all I use."

Sweat says that if you're driving through thick mud and snow, chains are probably your best bet. But, if you want a smoother ride and are planning on driving on ice, cables are the way to go.

"There a lot smoother," said Sweat." "I think they probably handle as well or maybe even better than chains do."

The cables are more expensive but much easier to install, and for Sweat, who could have to equip the entire Sherman fleet in a moments notice, that's worth it's weight in snow.

"The faster I can get it done the better it is for the fire department and the cops," Sweat said. "So as far as ease of installation, it's so much easier."

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