Sunshine Industries Celebrates Disability Employment Awareness Month

By: Lauren Smith
By: Lauren Smith

"I was like, I got the job! I was like freaking out. I was telling everybody. I told my friends. And I said, hey mom, I'm working at Long John Silvers now!"

Scotty Hacker, who's been employed with Long john Silvers in Ardmore since February, says getting this job was a dream come true and says it's all thanks to his time at Sunshine Industries.

"We provide residential and vocational to people with developmental and intellectual disabilities," said Walker.

The executive director at Sunshine Industries in Ardmore, Melissa Walker, says their goal is for the clients to learn from the various jobs available at Sunshine with the help of a job coach, and eventually, like Scotty, move on to a full-time position somewhere in the community...

"Everybody works very hard to move up the ladder and things like that... But nobody works as hard as these people do. And to see them succeed, it's very inspiring."

The manager at the fast-food restaurant where Scotty works, Toni Layton, says he's a rare find...

"He always does his job to the best of his ability. He never complains about anything I ask him to do and he's willing to learn everything."

Scotty says he wouldn't be where he is today without Sunshine's help...

"I would tell Sunshine, thank you for this job and I love you guys and thank you for my dream come true."

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